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Learn the truth about testosterone supplements and why they're not as effective as you've been led to believe. 

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Mo Saleem

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My name is Mo Saleem. I'm an independent men's health researcher and my mission is to empower you with the knowledge to naturally optimize your hormones so that you can bring your A-game in every area of life. As a man, testosterone levels are a major driving force in your overall quality of life. Maintaining optimal T means that your body is lean and muscular, that your getting all the required vitamins and minerals through your diet, and that your mind is functioning near peak potential. Contrary to popular belief, age is not the primary cause of declining testosterone levels. In most cases, low T can be tied to back to bad lifestyle habits. Bad nutrition, lack of exercise, sleep deprivation, and elevated stress levels are at the root of it. My aim is to help you optimize these areas. 

Brett McKay

TRT is expensive and potentially dangerous...

"Unfortunately, instead of making the lifestyle changes that would allow their bodies to naturally create optimum testosterone levels, more and more men these days are asking their doctors to prescribe expensive (and potentially dangerous) testosterone replacement therapies."

Sleeping more can boost testosterone by up to 50%...

"Most doctors are overly quick to prescribe hormone replacement therapy and fill your body with exogenous hormones. But it's been shown that small changes - such as sleeping more - can be all it takes to increase testosterone as much as 50 percent. And that's just one simple change"

John Romanello
Co-Author of Man 2.0
David Handelsman, MD, PhD

Age alone does not make your testosterone deficient...

"By itself, age does not cause a lower testosterone in healthy men. It's more likely that lowering of testosterone is a consequence of illnesses men acquire as they get older, like cardiovascular disease and obesity."

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