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Cold shower benefits

Do Cold Showers Increase Testosterone?

The relationship between cold showers and testosterone is a topic of much controversy.  There are articles that write off cold shower benefits as complete bullshit while others claim that they can give you damn near superpowers.  I’ve been taking cold showers for more than three years and if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s this:  The […]

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What Is A Normal Testosterone Level In Men?

What is a normal testosterone level in men? Is declining testosterone inevitable with age? What are healthy testosterone levels? These are all questions that I’ll address in this ultimate guide.

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Low Testosterone In Men: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Low testosterone in men has become somewhat of an epidemic.  In fact:  24% of men over the age of the 30 have low testosterone. In this infographic, I go over the big picture of what’s causing low testosterone, the symptoms of it, and how to go about treating it naturally.

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Does smoking pot decrease testosterone?

Does Marijuana Lower Testosterone?

A lot has been speculated about marijuana’s influence on testosterone:  “Smoking weed causes man-boobs.” “Cannabis use is associated with lower testosterone levels.” “The THC in marijuana is estrogenic.” “Smoking joints can make you infertile.” In this article I will cut through the rumours, speculation, and personal anecdotes and get right down to what the science actually has to say.  You’ll learn everything […]

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Does masturbation lower testosterone?

Does Masturbation Lower Testosterone?

The relationship between masturbation and testosterone is a hot topic of discussion that’s surrounded by myths, misinformation, and outright lies. Does masturbation decrease testosterone? The short answer is, no – ejaculation from masturbation does not lower testosterone.  The long answer, though, is that it depends.  With the influence of religion and morality, many taboos have developed around masturbation and how it […]

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