The Best Testosterone Boosters of 2018 -
The Best Testosterone Boosters of 2018

What Is The Best Testosterone Booster of 2018?

After analyzing hundreds of ingredients and writing dozens of individual product reviews, I've narrowed it down to the best testosterone boosters of 2018. But before you rush to spend your hard-earned cash on supplements, keep in mind that the most important aspects of your hormonal health are diet and lifestyle. Only once you begin getting those areas handled, should you look towards supplements to help speed up your results. 

My Pick

Prime Male

Best testosterone booster on the market

With hefty doses of vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc, Prime Male has your micronutrient needs covered. Prime Male also packs in 3g of D-aspartic acid - an amino acid regulator of testosterone synthesis that has been clinically proven to boost testosterone levels by 42% in as little as 14-days.

Prime Male is my #1 rated testosterone booster for 2018 because it contains an ingredient formula that is a cut above anything else that's available on the market. The manufacturers have clearly done their research and have made it a point to include not only testosterone boosting herbs but critical vitamins and minerals as well. 

An estimated 74% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D and 46% are deficient in magnesium (1). Topping up your levels of these micronutrients is perhaps the easiest way to boost your testosterone levels as well. 

Prime Male is dosed to fulfill your daily requirement of vitamin D and it also contains 100mg of magnesium - which is about 25% of your daily requirement. Prime Male's micronutrient formula also packs in vitamin K2, vitamin B6, as well as 100% of your daily requirement for zinc. 

As for Prime Male's herbal formula, the primary ingredients are D-aspartic acid, mucuna pruriens, and asian red ginseng. D-Aspartic acid has some solid evidence backing up its effectiveness at boosting testosterone and mucuna pruriens is a proven libido enhancer. 

The reality is that most of the so-called "testosterone booster" supplements available today will do next to nothing for your T-levels. They usually contain a combination of ingredients that are not actually proven to work. Prime Male is, hands-down, the best testosterone booster on the market because not only does it have your daily vitamin and mineral needs covered but it also packs in a bunch of proven herbs that will help you live with more energy, power, and passion. 

Best Herbal

Best herbal testosterone booster

The Genius Brand's "Smart Testosterone Booster" is formulated with a bunch of proven herbs that have a track record of raising testosterone levels in multiple human trials.

Genius Test is the best herbal testosterone booster on the market. This supplement features the most potent blend of clinically proven ingredients that I've ever come across: 1000mg of Ashwagandha, 500mg of Shilajit extract, 500mg of Fenugreek, and 100mg of Tongkat Ali. No test booster contains all of these proven winners at such high potencies. Genius Test also packs in 250mg of DIM - a proven estrogen blocker. 

Genius Test's formulation comes together and delivers a powerful one-two punch that stimulates natural testosterone production while inhibiting estrogen and cortisol - leaving you with more energy, less stress, a boosted libido, and an inner hormonal environment that's tailored towards muscle-building and fat-loss.


Best testosterone booster for PCT

Test1fy contains a bunch of proven testosterone-boosting herbs. The only downside is a relatively lower dosage, resulting in you having to pop 8 pills per serving.

Test1fy is the best testosterone booster for PCT (Post-Cycle Therapy). The people at Olympus Labs made it a point to include the cutting edge of proven ingredients in their product.

Anacyclus Pyretherum, the primary ingredient in Test1fy, doubled the testosterone levels of rats after just 28-days of use (2). Whether this effect carries over in humans still remains to be seen. Nonetheless, Test1fy also packs in hefty doses of KSM-66 ashwagandha, Tongkat Ali, and Mucuna Pruriens; all proven test boosting ingredients. 

Although Test1fy packs in a bunch of powerful ingredients at high dosages, it does so at the expense of the end-user having to pop 8 capsules a day.

Budget Pick

Best testosterone booster for the money

PRIMASURGE contains a solid ingredient profile, but the dosage amounts are quite low. Still, this is a supplement that can help you experience the effects of a boosted libido, increased energy, and calm. 

PRIMASURGE is the best budget testosterone booster with a simple, yet powerful ingredient formula. With the likes of Ashwagandha and Tongkat Ali included in the mix, this supplement makes the cut for our top 5 test boosters on the market.

PRIMASURGE also packs in some Shilajit and Safed Musli, two ingredients that boost libido but still need further evidence to confirm their effectiveness as test boosters. Nonetheless, this is a solid supplement for the price. The only reason it didn't rank higher is due to the individual dosages of proven ingredients. 

Also Great

Best testosterone booster for libido

Daily Nutra's Herbal T is a concoction of herbal extracts that support healthy testosterone levels and significantly enhance libido. 

Herbal T is the best testosterone booster for libido. It's formulation combines a blend of ingredients that hit two birds with one stone. The hefty doses of Tribulus Terrestris and Horny Goat Weed are added for libido enhancement, and Ashwagandha and Tongkat Ali are added to inhibit stress and elevate testosterone. 

If you're looking for a test booster to help lift up your sex drive and boost testosterone at the same time, then Herbal T might be the right supplement for you. 

Also Great

Best testosterone booster for athletes

Quantum T by M Theory is a one of a kind testosterone booster because it features different formulations for nighttime and daytime. The AM bottle includes 7500IU of vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) and the PM bottle contains melatonin (a key regulator of sleep). Quantum T also packs in some test-boosting ashwagandha. 

Quantum T is the best testosterone booster for athletes because the PM formulation contains proven sleep-aid ingredients that allow for enhanced recovery. The AM bottle provides a whopping 7500IU of vitamin D (higher dosage than ANY supplement I've seen) along with 600mg of Ashwagandha, 300mg of Fenugreek, 250mg of Forskolin, and 200mg of DIM. This is an impressive ingredient profile on its own, and the addition of the PM formula really steps it up to the next level.

The PM bottle satisfies your daily needs of zinc and magnesium and adds in some Mucuna Pruriens to top up your dopamine levels, and thus boost T. The addition of 1mg of melatonin will help you ease into deep sleep. 

The only reason that Quantum T didn't rank higher is because Fenugreek and Forskolin are still in preliminary research regarding their effectiveness at increasing testosterone in humans. This list will be updated regularly, so if new research does come out, don't be surprised if this supplement jumps up a few notches on our rankings scale.

Why You Should Trust Me

I've been studying, researching, and writing about natural testosterone enhancement for over 2 years. I became interested in this topic after discovering that I had lower than average testosterone levels for a man my age, and I became obsessed with this topic after learning about the impact of this hormone on every aspect of man's health (mental, physical, and emotional). 

I spent 2 months researching and reviewing the most popular testosterone boosters on the market. I went through, the independent authority on supplement analysis, to see what ingredients were actually clinically validated to boost testosterone levels in men. I also went through a lot of the published scientific literature cited on large databases like PubMed, ResearchGate, and JAMA Network.

What is a Testosterone Booster Anyway?

Test boosters are natural supplements (usually a combination of herbs, vitamins, and minerals) that aim to stimulate the natural production of testosterone in the body. They work by either directly increasing testosterone production or by inhibiting the hormones responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. The end goal in both cases is the same:

An increase in testosterone levels naturally.

The use of natural testosterone boosters should not be confused with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or anabolic steroids. Both TRT and anabolic steroids rely on injecting raw testosterone into the body. Although effective, these methods come with their fair share of side-effects that are beyond the scope of this article.

Do testosterone boosters actually work?

Yes, test boosters work. But it's probably not to the extent that you have been led to believe.

Don't think that popping a few pills will drastically boost your testosterone levels.

In order to be truly effective, the use of a testosterone booster must be coupled with specific lifestyle changes. For starters, this means regular exercise, a well-thought out nutrition plan, and a consistent sleep schedule. After getting these areas handled, supplementing with a test booster can help speed up results.

Even then, most of the supplements on the market are complete garbage. They don't include proven ingredients and will do next to nothing for your testosterone.

Why, then, do they continue to sell like hot cakes? It's mostly because men think that they're working...

The Libido Paradox

Whether you visit your local GNC or browse online at Amazon, the majority of testosterone boosters out there are in fact just libido enhancers in disguise.

Yes, testosterone is a major regulator of male libido, but this does not mean that the inverse is also true – increased sexual desire does not translate to higher T levels.

What does a testosterone booster do for you?

Testosterone boosters work by:

  • Providing your endocrine system with the raw materials that stimulate natural T production.
  • Suppressing SHBG (sex-hormone binding globulin), which allows more free testosterone to remain active in your blood stream.
  • Decreasing cortisol, which increases the testosterone/cortisol ratio.
  • Inhibiting the aromatase enzyme, which allows more testosterone to remain unconverted into estrogen.

What are the benefits of taking testosterone supplements?

The benefits of supplementing with a testosterone booster include: 

  • Increased energy and motivation
  • Enhanced sex drive
  • Improved mood
  • Decreased stress
  • Increased fat-loss
  • Faster recovery between workouts
  • Stronger bones

Keep in mind that the benefits  vary based on individual supplements. For a complete overview of the importance of testosterone read this article

Who should take a testosterone booster?

A natural increase in testosterone is beneficial for all men. Listed below are some guidelines though:

Men with low testosterone

If you've been diagnosed with hypogonadism, it may be due to stress, poor sleep, and bad eating habits. Given that you're ready to make the particular lifestyle changes, adding a natural testosterone booster to the mix can help regulate your hormones and restore your body's ability to function how it should. 

Men over the age of 25

A general recommendation is to wait until you are at least over the age of 25 before considering to take testosterone boosters. Before 25, your T-levels are naturally at their peak. The older you are the more effective these supplements will be. 

Athletes and Weightlifters

Testosterone boosters will be especially effective if you're athletic and/or lift weights. Strength training, on its own, supports testosterone levels. Supplementing with a proven testosterone booster will allow for better recovery between workouts resulting in bigger and stronger muscles. 

Aging Men

Generally speaking, testosterone levels tend to decline by 1% each year after the age of 30. If you haven't kept your health in check and notice your waist expanding with the progress of time, it may be a good idea to start supplementing with a testosterone booster. 

Are natural testosterone boosters safe?

For the most part, natural testosterone boosters are safe. They contain herbs, vitamins, and minerals that are not dangerous in humans. However, all supplements come with their share of potential side effects. As always, it's best to consult with your physician to ensure that a particular ingredient does not interfere with any pre-existing conditions that you may have. 

What are the side-effects of taking a testosterone booster?

Like with any supplement, testosterone boosters are associated with a list of potential side-effects. Of course, side-effects vary based on individual ingredient profiles, but here are some common ones:

  • Stomach irritation
  • Blood pressure
  • Fluid retention
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Skin irritation

Do You Really Need a Testosterone Booster?

Low testosterone in modern society is a growing concern. Research shows that the average man today has anywhere from 25-30% lower testosterone levels compared to the average man from just two decades ago (3, 4). 

What are the symptoms of low testosterone?

The following are some of the most common symptoms that arise with having low levels of testosterone:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Increased body-fat
  • Reduced desire for sex
  • Brain fog
  • Mood changes
  • Depression
  • Muscle loss

What are the causes of low testosterone?

For the most part, low testosterone is a result of lifestyle choices. The following are some of the most common causes of low T: 

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Chronic stress
  • Sub-optimal nutrition
  • Lack of exercise
  • Obesity

Can low testosterone be reversed naturally?

Absolutely. What it comes down to is making the right lifestyle choices and smart supplementation. 

How I Picked

Before writing this review, I went through the websites of huge online supplement retailers (Amazon,, GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, etc.) to figure out which testosterone boosters were selling the most. After that, I went through the individual ingredients of each of the best-selling testosterone boosters to identify whether they actually had scientific evidence backing up their effectiveness. 

The supplement industry, as a whole, functions in a way that makes it very easy for companies to make technically correct statements that don't actually carry over in real-world scenarios. For example, a company might say that their supplement is "scientifically proven to boost testosterone", but what they fail to mention is that this claim is actually backed by a study performed on rats (or in a test-tube, or is just a single-case, etc.). This is why I judged the strength of a particular study by: 

  • Type - Did the study actually involve humans?
  • Sample size - How many subjects were involved?
  • Duration - Over how long of a time period did the study take place? 
  • Consistency - Were similar results also found in other studies?

Using this criteria I was able to filter hype from substance. For example, D-Aspartic Acid, a very popular ingredient in testosterone boosters, was shown to increase T-levels by 42% (5). On the surface, the results from this study seem promising. It was performed on humans and involved a relatively large sample size (42 men). But when we consider duration, the study only lasted 12-days. When we consider consistency, no other studies were able to replicate these results. The bottom line? D-aspartic acid is not a proven test booster. Still, companies continue to add it to their supplements. This example should provide insight towards how the supplement industry functions as a whole. 

After determining the validity of the research, I ranked the best testosterone boosters through the lens of the following criteria:

  • Ingredient Formula - How effective is each ingredient?
  • Dosage - What is the overall potency of effective ingredients?
  • Feedback - What do past customers report of their experience?
  • Price - How is the supplement priced relative to alternatives?

My Pick: ORGANIFI Green Juice

My Pick

Organify for testosterone

Best daily supplement for men

Organifi is a green juice powder that contains ashwagandha, moringa, chlorella, and eight other superfoods that are scientifically proven to ease stress, conquer anxiety, and boost mental clarity.

Recent figures show that more than 50% of Americans supplement with a multivitamin (6). This should be surprising given the fact the majority of the population is still deficient in so many key vitamins and minerals (7). Organifi is the best testosterone booster for men because it has most of your daily micronutrient requirements covered. 

Here's a look at how some key micronutrients factor in to the testosterone equation:

  • Vitamin A is involved in the regulation of many testicular functions. Adequate vitamin A intake is positively correlated with testosterone production (8).
  • Vitamin C is mainly an antioxidant but it has also been shown to have cortisol lowering abilities (9). 
  • Vitamin D regulates more than 1000 bodily functions. Compared to men with vitamin D deficiency, men with sufficient vitamin D levels have significantly higher T levels (10). 
  • Vitamin E is also an antioxidant. One study showed subjects to experience significant increases in LH, FSH, and serum testosterone levels after supplementing with vitamin E (11). 
  • Magnesium is a key mineral in human metabolism that holds a direct relationship with testosterone (12).
  • Zinc is actually a metal that's required by the human body in trace amounts to fulfill a number of functions. Multiple studies have shown a zinc to be an essential element for optimal testosterone production (13, 14, 15)
  • Selenium is a trace mineral that provides antioxidant properties and improves blood flow in the body. Studies have shown a positive link between selenium and testosterone levels in men (16, 17)

What sets Organifi in a league of its own is the addition of some proven estrogen-busting ingredients. Everyday we are exposed to plastics and chemicals through our grooming products, household items, and pesticide infested foods. All of these things expose us to compounds called xenoestrogens - manmade chemicals that seep into our skin and exert feminizing effects on the body (18). 

Organifi packs in Chlorella, Moringa, and Spirulina - 3 of the most powerful antioxidant ingredients on the planet that can help flush your body of xenoestrogens and reignite hormonal balance: 

  • Chlorella is a blue-green algae that has a powerful capacity to bind to heavy metals and unwanted chemicals and keeps them from being reabsorbed (19, 20, 21). 
  • Moringa is a small tree from East Asia that has traditionally been used to treat and prevent conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. Today, it is widely used to fight off free-radical damage (22) and inflammation (23).
  • Spirulina is natural algae that is now one of the most researched and talked about "superfoods" on the planet. It is a potent anti-inflammatory (24) and daily supplementation of spirulina been shown to reduce arsenic-toxicity by 50% (25).

The above are just three of Organifi's 11 powerhouse ingredients. Two other ingredients that stand out are ashwagandha and red beet root extract.

If there was one herb I'd recommend for male enhancement, it would be ashwagandha. Not only is it a proven anxiety buster, but it has also been shown to significantly improve seminal parameters (26). Beets, on the other hand, are a vegetable that provide a rich source of nitrates. Nitrates are precursors for nitric oxide (NO), and higher NO levels translate to improved blood flow, which can result in better erectile performance (27). 

Why you may not want to buy Organifi

Although Organifi contains the most powerful ingredient formula of any supplement that I've come across, the major drawback in my eyes is the proprietary blend, i.e. we can't be sure of the individual dosages. 

Another drawback for you might be the price. Organifi is definitely higher priced compared to some of the other supplements in this guide. But the fact is that if you were to buy all of the ingredients individually, it would cost you more than $4 per serving. Plus, you'd also have to buy a juicer, in which case the higher quality ones can cost upwards of $500. Taking those two points into account and the fact that Organifi comes out to $1.92/serving, I'd say that it's relatively well-priced. For you, spending that much on a supplement every month might not be worth it. 

Best Herbal Testosterone Booster: Genius Test

Genius Test is the best herbal testosterone booster

Best Herbal

Best herbal testosterone booster

The Genius Brand's "Smart Testosterone Booster" is formulated with a bunch of proven herbs that have a track record of raising testosterone levels in multiple human trials.

After making sure that your vitamin and mineral balance is on point, you can proceed to stepping things up a notch with a herbal testosterone booster. Genius Test is the best herbal testosterone booster on the market. 

The highlight of Genius Test's ingredient formula is KSM-66 Ashwagandha. KSM-66 is the highest quality of ashwagandha and the 1000mg dose in Genius Test is the highest I've seen in any supplement. Ashwagandha is my favorite ingredient to see in a test booster because it is a herb with over 300 scientific papers backing up its effectiveness at reducing stress (28), strengthening the immune system (29), and increasing muscle and strength (30). 

Genius Test also packs in 500mg of Shilajit extract. Like ashwagandha, shilajit is an ingredient from Ayurvedic Medicine - an ancient branch of Indian herbal medicine - that has been used for thousands of years. Unlike ashwagandha, however, shilajit is new to the West and is still in its preliminary stages of research. Nonetheless, there is research that backs up its effectiveness at raising T (31, 32).

Two of the primary factors that hold most men back from producing optimal T are increased cortisol and estrogenic activity. Ashwagandha takes care of the former and Genius Test packs in 250mg of DIM to take care of the latter. DIM (Diindoylymethane) is the active ingredient in green leafy vegetables. Research has shown (33) DIM to be an effective measure against estrogen. DIM functions by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme. Aromatase is responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen - the less of it you have in your body, the more testosterone is allowed to remain unconverted. 

In the end, just know that natural testosterone boosters mainly function by reducing the activities of other hormones - namely estrogen, cortisol, and SHBG (sex-hormone binding globulin). This allows more testosterone to remain in its free form. Genius Test is the best herbal test booster because its formulation achieves both of these feats.

Why you may not want to buy Genius Test

I already went over the fact that before buying a test booster it's important to ensure that your micronutrient levels are where they should be. Depending on your situation, no herb will impact your testosterone to the extent that topping up your vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium levels will. 


  • All natural, herbal formula
  • Clinically validated ingredients
  • Mitochondrial energy booster
  • check
    Decreased stress
  • Mental clarity
  • Libido enhancer
  • No proprietary blends


  • Relatively expensive per serving
  • 4 servings per day
  • Limited micronutrient support
  • May cause digestive issues

Runner-Up: Test1fy


Best testosterone booster for PCT

Test1fy contains a bunch of proven testosterone-boosting herbs. The only downside is a relatively lower dosage, resulting in you having to pop 8 pills per serving.

Test1fy is a powerhouse of a supplement. 

The long list of ingredients starts with 3332IU of vitamin D - the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D deficiencies are very common in the West - we just don't spend that much time outdoors anymore. I find the 3332IU dose interesting because the hallmark study on vitamin D and testosterone (34) used that exact dose. If you are currently deficient in vitamin D, supplementing with Test1fy can help bring your levels back up closer to where they should be. 

Next up on Test1fy's ingredient list is Anacyclus pyrethrum. This is a herb that's been used in Ayurvedic Medicine as an aphrodisiac and for its purported male enhancement benefits. Anacyclus is new to the west and, as such, not many human trials have been performed with it. But preliminary research does show promise for pyrethrum's testosterone boosting (35) and libido enhancing (36) properties. 

Along with ashwagandha - the most proven test boosting herb - Test1fy also packs in Tongkat Ali and Mucuna Pruriens. These are two herbs that, like ashwagandha, have a bunch of research supporting their effectiveness at boosting T. Tongkat Ali is a herb native to parts of South East Asia and has been used there to treat a variety of conditions ranging from erectile dysfunction to intestinal worms. Today, it is an ingredient readily added to supplements for its male enhancement benefits.

Mucuna Pruriens, aka Velvet Bean, contains the active ingredient, L-DOPA, which is a precursor to dopamine. Dopamine is the hormone responsible for regulating the pleasure/reward systems in our brain. When your brain is not producing enough dopamine, it can lead to depression and decreased motivation. Research has shown supplementing with Mucuna to have some serious pro-fertility and testosterone-boosting effects (37). 

And finally, Test1fy also packs in an aromatase inhibitor - dehydroabietic acid. This is a relatively understudied ingredient, but research has shown it to have anti-estrogenic effects (38, 39). 

Overall, Test1fy is one of the best herbal testosterone boosters on the market and it can be especially beneficial if you're currently getting off of an anabolic cycle and looking for something to step up your natural T-production during post-cycle therapy (PCT).  

Why you may not want to by Test1fy

Although Test1fy packs in one of the most impressive ingredient formulations that I've come across, it does so at the expense of having to take 8 capsules per serving. If you find it difficult to swallow pills, then this supplement might not be for you. 

Also, Test1fy is higher priced. If you're on a budget, check out the next supplement on this list. 


  • All natural, herbal formula
  • Powerful test-boosting ingredients
  • Proven estrogen blocker
  • Cortisol regulation
  • Enhanced male virility
  • No proprietary blends


  • 8 capsules per day
  • Higher price point per serving
  • Lacking in some critical vitamins & minerals
  • May cause acidity and heart burn


Budget Pick

Best testosterone booster for the money

PRIMASURGE contains a solid ingredient profile, but the dosage amounts are quite low. Still, this is a supplement that can help you experience the effects of a boosted libido, increased energy, and calm. 

PRIMASURGE is the best testosterone booster for the money. I judge a supplement by the effectiveness of its individual ingredients, and PRIMASURGE packs in a solid formulation. 

The first ingredient on PRIMASURGE's ingredient list is 250mg of ashwagandha root extract. This is less than a fourth of the dosage contained in Genius Test. Also, this is not the highest quality extract of the herb and is likely not to have a high potency of withanolides (the active ingredient in ashwagandha). But hey, if you're on a budget you get what you pay for. 

Next up on PRIMASURGE ingredient list is 125mg of Safed Musli Extract. Safed Musli is an Ayurvedic herb that has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac. Safed Musli does seem to provide support sexual function (40) but the current research has only been performed on rats. 

PRIMASURGE also packs in 125mg of Shilajit extract. This is yet another herb from Ayurveda that has traditionally been used for male enhancement. Again, this is an ingredient that is still in preliminary stages of research, but studies have shown its effectiveness at boosting testosterone levels in men (41, 42). 

The final two ingredients in PRIMASURGE are tongkat ali and boron. Tongkat ali is a herb with a lot of research supporting its benefits at relieving stress (43) and boosting free testosterone (44). Boron is a trace mineral that has recently been picking up steam as a potent testosterone booster. Research (45, 46) has shown boron's effectiveness, but it's still in preliminary stages. 

Why you may not want to buy PRIMASURGE

Overall PRIMASURGE features a superior formulation. The major downside, though, is the dosage amounts. 

Many of the ingredients (ashwagandha, shilajit, tongkat ali, and boron) are dosed below the effective dose. The research papers cited have shown results but not at the dosage of PRIMASURGE. As such, to get the true benefit from this supplement, you would have to pop more than 1-serving per day.


  • All-natural, herbal formula
  • Proven test-boosting ingredients
  • Powerful libido enhancer
  • Increased energy and less stress
  • No proprietary blends


  • Limited micronutrient support
  • May cause irritability 
  • May cause stomach issues

Best For Libido: Herbal T

Also Great

Best testosterone booster for libido

Daily Nutra's Herbal T is a concoction of herbal extracts that support healthy testosterone levels and significantly enhance libido. 

The relationship between testosterone and libido does not go both ways - although higher T equals increased sex drive, an increased sex drive does not equal higher T. Many popular test boosters combine a number of ingredients that provide a lift in libido without having an impact on testosterone whatsoever. Herbal T is different. Along with packing in ingredients like tribulus, epimedium, and ginseng - all herbs that boost libido - it also packs in ashwagandha, tongkat ali, and Siberian Eleuthero - proven cortisol inhibitors. 

Tribulus Terrestris is possibly the most popular testosterone boosting ingredient. This is unfortunate given its inability to impact testosterone levels whatsoever. That being said, it is an ingredient that has libido enhancing properties (47). Tribulus has developed a reputation as a testosterone booster due to its ability to boost libido. Many men think that its working because of their morning wood, but the truth is that their testosterone remains unaffected. Still, many men in the market for testosterone boosters are in it to boost their sex drive and the 100mg dose of Tribulus in Herbal T can definitely help in that respect. 

Another very popular ingredient in testosterone boosters is Horny Goat Weed. This is a herb from traditional Chinese medicine that has been used as an aphrodisiac and a male enhancement aid. Limited human research has been performed with HGW, but rat studies show that it is a potential testosterone booster (48) and has significant pro-erectile properties (49). Herbal T packs in 240mg of HGW. 

The testosterone boosting ingredients in Herbal T include ashwagandha and tongkat ali. These are two of my favorite ingredients to see in a testosterone booster due to the heaps of clinical research that back up their effectiveness at raising T. 

Another ingredient that I really like in Herbal T is American Ginseng. Ginseng is primarily supplemented for its cognitive benefits. A multitude of studies have shown its effectiveness at preventing cognitive decline (50), improving memory (51), decreasing anxiety (52), and improving overall well-being (53). Although not a T-booster per say, the 160mg dose of Ginseng can significantly improve the overall quality of your life. 

Why you may not want to buy Herbal T

Herbal T is a great testosterone supplement that can serve the needs of many men who are in the market to lift their libido and boost T. That being said, Herbal T provides zero micronutrient support. 

You already know that the highest leverage point supplementation can provide for you in terms of boosting T is to correct your vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Herbs should only be considered as a bonus to help speed things up, but not as a primary measure. 


  • Proven herbal extracts
  • Powerful libido enhancement
  • Cognitive enhancement and mental clarity
  • No proprietary blends


  • Zero micronutrient support
  • exclamation-triangle
    Relatively expensive per serving

Also Great: Quantum T

Also Great

Best testosterone booster for athletes

Quantum T by M Theory is a one of a kind testosterone booster because it features different formulations for nighttime and daytime. The AM bottle includes 7500IU of vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) and the PM bottle contains melatonin (a key regulator of sleep). Quantum T also packs in some test-boosting ashwagandha. 

Quantum T by M-Theory Supplements is the best testosterone booster for athletes because it features separate formulations for daytime and nighttime. 

The AM-formulation provides great micronutrient support with 7500IU of vitamin D (the highest I've seen in any test booster) and 6mg of boron. Both of these micronutrients have been proven to hold a direct relationship with testosterone levels and can help energize your day. 

The herbs within the AM-formulation include KSM-66 Ashwagandha, Fenugreek, Forskolin, and DIM. I've already talked a lot about ashwagandha and how it is the most effective T-boosting ingredients there is. Fenugreek, on the other hand, although a popular ingredient has conflicting evidence regarding its effectiveness. There is evidence, though, that supports its libido enhancing properties (54). Forskolin is an ingredient that's readily added to fat-burning supplements for its ability to induce weight-loss, and there is also evidence showing a positive impact on testosterone (55). DIM, as I've written above, is a proven estrogen blocker. 

The Quantum T PM-formulation features 350mg of magnesium (the highest I've seen in any test booster), 30mg of zinc, 300mg of mucuna pruriens, and 1mg of melatonin. Magnesium and zinc are crucial for testosterone. Quantum T provides 88% of your daily requirement for magnesium and 200% of your daily requirement for zinc. The 300mg of Mucuna is a great addition as well because its a herb that's been proven to boost testosterone. As for the 1mg of melatonin, that is what will help you fall asleep faster and deeper. 

Why you may not want to buy Quantum T

Quantum T is quite the unique supplement because the manufacturers have made it a point to vary the ingredients based on the time of day. 

The dosage of micronutrients is definitely on point, but where it loses out is on its herbal dosages. The thing is, if you want to top up your vitamins and minerals you're better off with a multivitamin. And if you want to top up your herbal ingestion, then you're better off with Genius Test.


  • Powerful micronutrient support
  • AM/PM formulation
  • Libido & virility enhancement
  • Proven test-boosting ingredients
  • No proprietary blends


  • Relatively expensive per serving
  • 4 servings per day
  • May cause bloating​​​​​​​
  • Maple syrup odor in urine

Best For Muscle Gains: Creatine

Also Great

Best muscle building supplement

Creatine is the undisputed kingpin of muscle building supplements. 

Although testosterone is the primary hormonal driver of muscle growth, herbal testosterone boosters are not the best muscle-building supplements. A fluctuation of testosterone levels within the normal range will not impact your body's ability to build muscle. Remember that we're not talking about testosterone replacement therapy or anabolic steroids here, we're talking about herbs. 

If your primary aim is to build more muscle and you're looking for a supplement to help, look no further than creatine monohydrate. This is hands-down, the most heavily researched and most proven muscle-building supplement to ever exist. 

There is also some evidence to suggest creatine's ability to have a slight positive impact on testosterone (56, 57, 58). 

The Competition

Prime Male Testosterone Booster

Prime Male is possibly the best-selling testosterone booster on the market. It features a solid ingredient formula comprising of proven vitamins and minerals and some proven herbs as well. The reason Prime Male didn't appear on my list of best test boosters is due to its primary ingredient - D-Aspartic Acid. Although D-AA has a number of rat studies (59, 60, 61) backing up its effectiveness as a testosterone booster, the human research in this regard is inconclusive. 

The first study on D-AA and testosterone found 12-days of supplementation to boost T-levels by a whopping 42%  (62). In the second study, researchers gave resistance trained men a daily dose of 3g of D-AA for 28-days after which no impact on testosterone was noted (63). In the third study, infertile men were given D-aspartic acid for 90-days after which testosterone increased by 30-60% (64). 

The conclusion from the human research is that D-AA supplementation may boost testosterone in the short-term and, although this increase may persist in infertile men, levels return to baseline within 1-month. 

In light of any new D-AA research, it is possible that Prime Male may climb its way into my best rankings list. That being said, the only reason Prime Male stands out amongst other test boosters is due to its vitamin and mineral ingredients - meaning that you're better off with a multivitamin. 

TestoFuel testosterone booster

TestoFuel is another testosterone booster that's selling very well. It's recommended by many of the top supplement review sites, but it hasn't made my list of rankings for the same reason that Prime Male was unable to - due to D-Aspartic Acid being the primary ingredient. There just isn't enough evidence to classify D-AA as a proven test booster. 

TestoFuel also packs in 100mg of fenugreek. This is very popular herb that's readily added to many testosterone boosters and although it may boost libido, the impact on testosterone is negligible. In fact, some studies show that it may actually decrease testosterone (65).

Overall, TestoFuel does provide adequate vitamin and mineral support. The testosterone boosting effects, though, are questionable.  


Testogen is yet another supplement that features D-Aspartic Acid as its primary ingredient. It only makes me wonder why so many companies continue to add this ingredient when it is not actually proven to work. 

Other than D-AA, Testogen also packs in tribulus and ginseng. These are ingredients that don't have any evidence supporting a positive influence on testosterone. That being said, they have been shown to increase blood-flow and boost libido. If those are your primary intentions for getting a test booster, then you're better off just getting those herbs individually rather than in the form a supplement.

TestoTEK Review on Ingredients

TestoTEK is a supplement that provides some solid micronutrient support packing in 100% or more of your daily requirement for vitamin D, vitamin K, B vitamins and zinc. But once again, the primary ingredient is D-Aspartic Acid. 

The herbal ingredients within the TestoTEK formula include Mucuna Pruriens, Stinging nettle, Fenugreek, and Ginseng. Out of these ingredients I am only a fan of Mucuna Pruriens. Stinging nettle does not have human research backing up its effectiveness at blocking SHBG, while fenugreek and ginseng are merely libido enhancers. 

Blue Star Status

Status is a powerful testosterone booster that contains a bunch of clinically proven ingredients. Ashwagandha and Tongkat Ali are the active ingredients with zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 included for micronutrient support. Status also packs in some DIM to help keep your estrogen levels in-check. 

A testosterone booster is only as good as its ingredients, and Status packs in a bunch of them that have been validated in human trials to be effective. In that regard, you do not have to worry about whether Status will "work" or not. The main reason Status is ranked at #3, and not higher, is due to the individual dosages of proven ingredients.


Testro-X contains the active ingredients Ashwagandha and Froskolin. Forskolin is an ingredient that has proven fat-loss benefits, but there is only one human study that shows any test boosting effects.

Testro-X also contains an impressive micronutrient formula. With 150mg of magnesium, 15mg of zinc, and 10mg of Boron, the vitamin and mineral support this supplement provides is on point. 

Where Testro-X loses out is on its other ingredients. Inositol, Glycine, and L-Theanine are ingredients that have no solid clinical research to support their status as test boosting ingredients. Nonetheless, Testro-X does stand out due to its high ashwagandha concentration. 

Alpha Jym

Alpha JYM is another testosterone boosters that contains a simple, yet powerful ingredient formula. With 500mg of Ashwagandha and 100mg of Tongkat Ali included in the mix, you can be sure that this supplement is proven to work. Alpha JYM also packs in some DIM to lower estrogen levels. 

Where Alpha JYM loses out is due to a lack of micronutrient support and its other ingredients. Fenugreek, although a proven libido enhancer, has mixed research regarding its status as a testosterone booster. Damiana has been shown in rat research to improve libido, but we can't be sure whether this same effect carries over in humans. The same is the case with quercitin. 

Alpha JYM starts off by being a solid contender, but where it stands out for simplicity it also loses points for including unproven ingredients. 

Super Test contains a proven ZMA formula, Ashwagandha, and Tongkat Ali included in its formula. You might be wondering where Super Test is lacking?

The reason Super Test misses out on a ranking is because it contains a proprietary blend. The Male Support Complex, as termed by the manufacturers, contains a bunch of ingredients that support libido. But the problem with proprietary blends is that the end user remains uninformed about individual ingredient dosages, which is a huge drawback.

Also, Super Test includes ingredients that inhibit DHT. Given that DHT is the most powerful androgen in the human body, this is definitely something that we don't want. 

All-round, Super Test is a reasonable testosterone booster, and if it wasn't for the two drawbacks listed above, it would be included in the best test booster list. 

Mdrive Prime is a supplement that stands out. It provides impressive micronutrient support  (Vitamin D3, B vitamins, and Niacin) and includes a powerful testosterone boosting formula with ashwagandha, tongkat ali, and DHEA included in the mix. 

Ashwagandha and Tongkat Ali are my top two ingredients to see in any testosterone booster. DHEA has also been proven in many clinical trials to be very effective at naturally stimulating natural T production. But the drawback is that DHEA is not actually a herb or supplement; it's a prohormone. 

Another drawback of Mdrive Prime is that its entire formula is comprised within a proprietary blend. These two factors really make Mdrive Prime lose out.

Test Booster by True Grit. The first ingredient in Test Booster is 15mg of Zinc, which makes up 100% of our daily requirement. The ingredients that comes in after that are a mix of some proven, but mostly unproven options. 

The reason Test Booster made it into our top 10 is due to its ashwagandha, shilajit, and boron content. Fenugreek, though, is the primary ingredient. Fenugreek has been shown in clinical research to be a likely libido enhancer, but its impact on testosterone levels reveals mixed results. Other ingredients include Safed Musli Extract, Bladderwrack extract, and Yacon root. All these ingredients are in preliminary research and it still remains to be seen how exactly they impact the human body.

The Ultimate Guide To Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone is the master male hormone.

Your energy levels, body composition, assertiveness, sex drive, and overall well-being are all factors that tie back to the amount of testosterone running through your veins.

As such: 

Testosterone boosters sell like hot cakes.

My aim with this guide is to clear the air on everything you need to know about testosterone supplements. 

What To Look For

How To Take Them

Bonus: How To Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

Closing Remarks

Organifi is 2018​​​​'s best testosterone booster. 

I hope that my review provided you with what you were looking for.


My rankings are regularly updated in light of any new research or supplement releases. Feel free to bookmark this page and come back to it anytime to find out about the latest scoop. You can be sure that I have it covered. And if I don't, please let me know

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Michael Clarke says July 15, 2018

Hi, found your research of these products useful, thanks. Wondered if you know of a T product that’s best for over 60s ?

Keythong says September 22, 2018

Most mixed ingredient products are a rip-off unless you time is worth serious money, even then the ingredient dosages can be or become inadequate. If they don’t tell you how much of each ingredient or the extract ratio for any extracts they contain, it’s probably junk!

If you can, it can be far better to buy the separate powders (e.g. from Amazon and sports/bulk suppliers) and research/learn the best doses *, possibly in capsules, to save loads and to allow cycling of some ingredients like Aspartic Acid, which become wasted otherwise. Precision scales are cheap and can be useful to measure out daily or period doses of supplement powders which can’t be measured easily by volume.

Personally my most powerful supplement is Tongkat Ali powder, the effects are quite noticeable, because it protects free Testosterone, especially from rising unhelpful enzyme production as the body ages!

If you need micro-nutrients, and your probably do, due to the failings of industrial agriculture, better to find a decent multi-dose sport vitamin multi-vitamin/multi-mineral/biologicals capsules, not useless or even harmful one-a-day pill rubbish. Not all ‘vitamins’ are the good, some like D2 and Folic Acid are harmful fakes, and some must be taken together to avoid damage e.g. K2 with D3, to prevent Calcification of the blood vessels.

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